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Krooked Skateboards

With bold colours, loveable characters and endearingly incorrect spellings – whether you’re a fan of The Gonz or not you’ll be hard pressed not to find a product from Krooked Skateboards that doesn’t put a smile on your face at Division 24 Skate Store.

Krooked Skateboards was founded in 2002 by Mark Gonzales who is considered one of, if not the most important, godfather of street skateboarding. The second mainstay company to come out of San Francisco’s DLX Distribution (following Julien Stranger forming and taking the helm at Anti-Hero Skateboards in 1996), Krooked is an embodiment of Gonz’s creativity and eccentricity. From board graphics to adverts and full length videos – the distinguishable doodles and intentional imperfections obliquely state ‘Mark Gonzales was here’ throughout all things Krooked.

Krooked made their video debut in 2006 with ‘Krooked Khronicles’ featuring Van Wastell (a promising am who sadly passed away in 2008), Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl and Gonz himself. Since then, Krooked’s video releases have playfully bounced around between video formats. 2007’s ‘Gnar Gnar’ was a VHS production which far pre-dating the archaic format nostalgia re-emergence of recent years. 2008’s ‘Naughty’, featuring guest appearances by Alex Olson and Christian Hosoi, was a more conventional skate video captured on VX however 2010’s ‘Krook3d’ shifted things up again as the first skate video to be released in 3D edit (boggle eyed red and cyan glasses included). Krooked’s latest release, ‘LSD’ (Let’s Skate Dude), was a feel good hit to be reckoned with and also the brand’s first HD production.

Over the years, Krooked’s has become home to several understated figures within skateboarding. Whether it’s the subtle finesse of Mike Anderson, technical wizardry of Sebo Walker, transition ripper Ronnie Sandoval, powerful lines of Bobby Worrest or ever humble Brad Cromer – Krooked Skateboards’ eclectic team and light hearted graphics are sure to brighten your day.

Get it strait, ride Krooked.

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