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Independent Trucks

Few skateboard companies can back up a claim so bold as ‘Ride the Best, Fuck the Rest’ but it’s undeniable Independent Trucks are entitled to the statement. Here you can fide a range of Indy trucks suitable for any sized deck alongside a selection of quality t-shirt, hoodies, jackets, pants, hats, accessories and more at Division 24 Skate Store.

Independent boast over forty years of history. With their origin dating back to 1978 the company is also one of skateboarding’s oldest institutions. Founded by Rick Novak and Jay Shuirman, of Santa Cruz Skateboards, alongside Fausto Vitella and Eric Swenson of Thrasher Magazine, Independent’s design was born out a desire for a more durable and responsive skateboard truck. The four tangent’s of the brand’s iconic Alisee Cross logo are said to represent the strength, quality, high performance and responsiveness tuned into every set of Indys.

While following the same overall model, Independent have continually tweaked the performance of their trucks over the years with each new incarnation marked as a different ‘Stage’. This numbering system has provided one of the most odd and intriguing aspects of Independent’s allure as die-hard enthusiasts are known for seeking out discontinued models. For example Geoff Rowley strictly rides a set of Stage VIIs and Gilbert Crockett only uses Stage VIIIs; we recommending giving Jenkem Magazine’s A Look At The Cult of Independent Trucks article a read more on this slightly bizarre obsession held by some of skateboarding’s greats.

Every pair of Indys we carry are their most recent Stage XI model and are available in an array of sizes (all measured by the width of the model’s hanger) so make sure to consult our sizing guide below to find the ideal width for your skateboard.

Independent Trucks (Stage 11) 139 for 7.75” for 8.25” decks / size 144 fit an 8.25” deck exactly / size 149 for 8.25” to 8.75” decks / size 159 for 8.5” to 8.8” decks / size 169 for 9” and above sized decks / size 215 for 9.75” boards and larger pool shapes.

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