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Skateboard Cafe

Put the kettle on, make your favourite hot beverage and have a browse through a variety of skateboards, t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, and other Skateboard Cafe gear to whet your appetite at Division 24 Skate Store.

Founded by Bristolian skateboarders Rich Smith and Andrew Makepeace in 2012, the brand’s name originates from the title of series of edits made by Smith originating around 2008.

Consistently producing vibrant graphics, often incorporating pastel colours and cheeky parodies of existing food-based brands, Skateboard Cafe has grown to become one of the most recognisable UK brands of recent years. While the whimsical nods to well-known establishments may be some of the company’s most identifiable visuals wider influences of classic films, animations, skateboarding’s own graphics and jazz music (with tributes to Lee Morgan, Orentte Coleman and Miles Davis to name a few) have allowed the brand to ensure they aren’t pigeon holed by their moniker.

Skateboard Cafe have also maintained a quality video output, releasing number of web-shorts dedicated to various riders, trip coverage and a full-length production, Alfresco in 2015. For the majority of the brand’s lifespan, their team has consisted of Josh Arnott, Shaun Currie, Harry Ogilvie, Mike Arnold and the king of Brisyol’s Llyods Big Three – Korahn Gayle. Arnold held a lengthy stint with the company and exposed Skateboard Café to a worldwide audience following the release of his part in Alfresco via Jenkem Magazine. Although, Arnold parted ways with the brand for Isle Skateboards in 2018, Skateboard Café quickly filled the vacant slot with the excellent addition of one of the UK’s most productive and technical skateboarders, Dom Henry.

Renowned for producing everything in-house and constantly releasing eye catching graphics and quality apparel from season to season, Skateboard Cafe is a home grown brand here to stay. Brews up!

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