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Anti Hero Skateboards

Blood, concrete, vagrancy… Hold it down for the 18 with our selection of Anti-Hero Skateboards decks, hats, t-shirts and other goods at Division 24 Skate Store.

Founded out of San Francisco in 1995, Anti-Hero Skateboards is one of the legacy brands which resides under the heralded roof of DLX Distribution. The first skateboard company to come out of the DLX camp (after their original in-house brand, Real Skateboards) came into being after DLX bossman Jim Thiebaud provided that Julien Stranger the opportunity to form his own a company. With John Cardiel, Sean Young, Eric J and Bob Burnquist in tow - Anti-Hero was born.

Anti-Hero’s debut video in 1997, ‘Fucktards’, featured the aforementioned riders and showcased the company’s care-little of attitude of needing nothing but a skateboard and your friends to have a good time. A message enforced throughout their other productions often documenting the team’s travels. rather than presenting the standard part-by-part format most skate videos adhere to.

Over the last twenty years Anti-Hero has consistently purveyed a raw depiction of skateboarding with a running anti-authoritarian theme considered integral to skateboarding as a culture itself. Anti-Hero’s graphics, mainly produced by the artist Todd Francis since 1995, have cemented Anto-Hero Skateboards as an entity whose ability to reject and mock the conventional is unmatched – a trait needed more than ever in light of skateboarding’s growth, attempted mainstream adoption and bastardisation by seemingly every high street fashion outlet.

Anti-Hero and Francis’ artwork has consistently provided satirical commentary within the skateboarding industry and the wider world. The brand’s ‘Classic Eagle’, designed by Francis, is an enduring symbol of Anti-Hero’s ethos. As are Francis’ trademark pigeon characters which can be seen across all manner of Anti-Hero products and provides a lighter, humorous angle to the brand’s darker and cutting graphics.

If wider boards, skating pools, slappying kerbs and enjoying every second of getting caked in dirt fighting for a trick is for you, then you’ll feel right at home on an Anti-Hero Skateboards plank.


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