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Skateboard GB - Shop Focus - Division 24 - Ep2

That time Lance Mountain skated Wakefield, and shop-owner Wayne nearly set the building on fire.

We chat to Division 24, discussing growing up skateboarding in Yorkshire in the late '80s and take a closer look at some of the most creative shop boards you'll ever see, plus much much more.

'The best thing about owning a skate shop is you don't have to answer to anybody. You just get to meet some amazing people, and some weirdos as well ...

'A big shout out to Wayne for allowing us to lurk for a day, sharing his stories, and sharing his extraordinary wheel card collection with us.

Get kettle on, grab the Yorkshire tea and enjoy!

Shop riders: Aiden Blaymire, John Sykes, Paul Watson, Dave Morgan, Frank Spacey, Farren Golding, Jasmine Lowe & Alan Callaghan (Dr Tre) @SkateboardGB

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