Thunder Trucks

Thunder are the oldest skateboarding company owned by the ever-reputable DLX Distribution (and in turn – one of the oldest skateboard brands in existence) therefore Thunder’s reputation as one of skateboarding’s finest truck manufacturers should come as no surprise. Here you can browse a range of Thunder Trucks in varying sizes and constructions to compliment your set-up at Division 24 Skate Store.

Founded in 1986, Thunder Trucks are a prime example of not fixing what isn’t broken. Adhering to essentially the same moulded hanger and baseplate shape for three decades, Thunder have instead paid attention to reworking the metallic compound used to construct their trucks. Alongside their tried and tested standard polished model (which start at around £50 for a pair), Thunder have got you spoilt for choice with lightweight options and variations including:

Thunder Lights – a well priced option for those favouring lighter truck which features a drilled out kingpin and forged baseplate.

Thunder Hollow Lights – featuring hollowed out axles and kingpins alongside a forged baseplate for optimum lightweight performance.

Thunder Team Hollows – the main choice of the Thunder Trucks team which also features hollowed out axles and kingpins but with an extra 1mm in height on the baseplate.

Thunder Titanium Lights – the premium option of Thunder’s whole range which boasts hollow titanium axles and slender baseplates to provide an equal mix of durability and low weight bearing.

The slender design of a Thunder hanger provides quick response without sacrificing durability and is often been favoured by skateboarders yearning for a robust truck which isn’t as cumbersome as an Independent. There’s plenty to choose from so make sure to consult our size guide below to find the right size set for your board.

Thunder size 143 for 7.6” and smaller decks / size 145 for 7.5” to 7.9” decks / size 147 for 7.9” to 8.0” decks / 148 is perfectly fits an 8.25” deck / 149 for 8.2” to 8.5” decks / 151 for 8.4” and above.

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