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The National Skateboard Co

Browse a variety of skateboards in different sizes, offered in low and high concaves, alongside t-shirts, hoodies, caps and more from The National Skateboard Co at Division 24 Skate Store.

TNSC was anonymously dispersed into the UK skate scene in 2012 after a number of skateboard shops received t-shirts bearing nothing but the brand’s logo and some redacted text accompanied by a list of the first four riders; Joshua ‘Manhead’ Young, Danijel Stankovic, Thomas Harrison and David Mackey.

Sparking over a hundred pages of discussion over what this ‘Mysterious New Skateboard Company’ was on Sidewalk Magazine’s forum, TNSC was formerly introduced in 2013 with ‘The National Skateboard Co Promo’ featuring the aforementioned heads alongside Vaughan Jones and Neil Smith. With minimal branding and the promo video interspersed with archival black and white footage, The National has curated an aura of intrigue surrounding the company which prevails to this day.

Over the years The National’s graphical output has combined an eclectic mix of full bleed watercolour paintings (original crafted by co-owner Tom Brown’s grandfather), obscure literary references, sharp and simple graphic design and much more. Standout graphics include ‘The Disappeared’ series of decks from 2013 which featured figures from history whose fate is still unknown including WW2 activist Raoel Wallenberg, air-pirate DB Cooper and cinematic pioneer Louis Le Prince. An unnamed series released in 2016 featuring blind composer and musical innovator Moon Dog, Pink Flloyd’s ex-frontman Syd Barrett and the notorious GG Allin adds a diverse take on popular culture to The National Skateboard Co.’s repertoire of thought provoking graphics.

The National released their first full-length video 2016, appropriately aligning with their cryptic aesthetic, the unnamed video featured Vaughan Jones, David Mackey, Daniel West, Andrew Evans, Neil Smith, Danijel Stankovic, Denis Lynn, Tom Tanner, Gregoire Cuadrado, Thomas Harrison and Josh Young. Manhead turned pro following the video so big ups to The National for putting out a well-deserved pro model for Tingley’s finest.

The National Skateboard Co - Classic Teal - Skateboard Deck 8.25

The National Skateboard Co - Classic Teal - Skateboard Deck 8.25

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