SUPRA Footwear

Supra Footwear was born in Los Angeles California in 2006 and was founded by world class skateboards.
The company ethos was to take what they loved about footwear and merge it with what they loved about skate shoes.

Supra Footwear is now one of the global leaders in creating both innovative shoes with a high functionality as well classic sillhouettes with unique design twist.

Supra also hosts a real solid team with some of the worlds top skateboarders such as Jim Greco, Lizard King, Tom Penny, Chad Muska, Clint Walker, Sascha Daley, Windsor James, Dane Vaughn, Spencer Hamilton, Dee Ostrander and Oscar Candon.







SUPRA Footwear - Crown - Cuff Beanie Hat - Black

SUPRA Footwear - Crown - Cuff Beanie Hat - Black

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