SML Wheels

Big dreams, small wheels - browse through a variety of flatspot resistant skateboard wheels from the folks at SML Wheels at Division 24 Skate Store.

A fairly new contender to the urethane market, SML Wheels was founded by ex-Blind Skateboards pro James Craig and Team Handsome powerhouse Austyn Gillette. The friendship between both owners long predates their time as business partners and James and Austyn’s comradery has rubbed off on SML Wheels as a brand. Combined with a balanced mix of striking yet simple graphic design and colourful graphics this has imbued SML Wheels with an understated and friendly image.

In just a few years, SML Wheels has amassed an impressive team which boasts Habitat Skateboards heads Mark Suciu and Danny Garcia, NYC’s finest transplant Aaron Herrington, Pass-Port’s Josh Pall and Dean Palmer alongside the UK’s own Tom Knox, Chris Jones and Mike Arnold to name a few.

SML Wheels are available in ‘V-Cut’ and ‘Wide’ shapes, with the former being ideal for fans a slimmer skateboarding wheel, and two main formulas; OG and AG (named after co-founder, Austyn Gillette). Through their unique urethane formulas, usually clocking in around 99A in durometer, SML offer a some of the hardest skateboarding wheels whilst retaining a level of grip usually found with lower durometer wheels. However, if you want to roll on a set of SML Wheels but prefer softer urethane their 78A ‘Coffee Cruiser’ is a perfect option.

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