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Quasi Skateboards

If you’re fan of ethereal graphics, sporadic imagery or a squarer shaped skateboard decks then we've got you covered for Quasi Skateboards hardgoods and clothing at Division 24 Skate Store.

Formerly known as ‘Mother Collective’ and founded in 2015 the wake of Alien Workshop’s demise after Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson and Tyler Bledsoe reconnected with ex-Workshop team manager Chad Bowers. The brand has often been cited as a successor to Alien Workshop, a comparison strengthen by their base of operation in Dayton, Ohio – also the birthplace of The Sovereign Sect.

In the initial incarnation as ‘Mother’, the brand commanded attention with intriguing visuals combining painted artworks, vintage imagery, simplistic graphic design and striking use of woodstain within every graphic. Proclaiming [no more corporate blues] in reference to the financial difficulties Alien Workshop faced in their final days, Mother unfortunately faced legal trouble early on which resulted in the company changing their name to Quasi Skateboards.

Shortly after the name change debacle the New Jersey duo and Bronze 56K heads, Josh Wilson and Dick Rizzo became Quasi’s first amateur riders, eventually accompanied by Ohio natives Justin Henry and Al Davis.

In an interview with Speedway Mag, Quasi head honcho Chad Bowers voiced his opinion that “Pro models should reflect the pro.” Quasi Skateboards’ graphical output has followed this ethos with notable touches including a photo of Jake Johnson’s mum on his debut pro model and Gilbert Crockett’s musical idol Will Oldham appearing on one of his boards. This close personal relationship is further highlighted by Quasi’s frequent use of artwork by Richmond-based artists Will Gaynor and Rust Scott - both close friends of Crockett.

Excitement for a full-length video began building early on and in 2018 Quasi delivered on the hype with their first production titled ‘mother’ – a nod to the brand’s early days. With full parts from Henry, Bledsoe, Wilson, Rizzo, Crockett alongside appearances from Al Davis and Jake Johnson – it isn’t one to be missed so get it watched before it mysteriously vanishes from the internet… again.


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