OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels have been around as far back as I can remember and I also remember them as one of the best wheels I have ever used. As well as having such an iconic logo and one of the raddest teams around with riders such as Christian Hosoi, Natas Kaupas, Eric Dressen, etc, OJ have always held their own, with classics like the 'Hosoi Rockets' range and the 'OJ II's.

OJ Wheels were formed in the mid 80's by Santa Cruz Skateboards as one of the NHS Fun Factory brands. They pulled the plug on it in the late 80's but then kicked it back up in around 2010. They now offer and huge range of wheels including a pro range (Erick Winkowski, Zach Wallin, Ben Raybourn, Milton Martinez, and many more), in various sizes, durometers, shapes and colours.

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