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Heroin Skateboards

Get addicted to skateboarding !

Heroin Skateboards was founded by skateboarder and artist Mark 'FOS' Foster in 1998, They have certainly kept things real with the way they run things, from making rad video's such as 'Good Shit' 1999, 'Magic Sticky Hand' 2006, 'Video Nasty' 2013 and their latest 'Bath Salts' in 2015 with their notorious skate team, to producing some of the best vibrant skateboard graphics out there!

Heroin Skateboards are pretty much the corner stone of the UK skate scene but now has branched out globally
by joining Baker Boys Distribution in 2011 which boosted their US presence.

Heroin Skateboards Team : Tony Karr, Deer Man of Dark Woods, Chopper, Craig 'Questions' Scott, Tom Day, Chet Childress,
Joe O'Donnell, Pat Franklin, Anaiah Lei, Logan Devlin, Lee Yankou, and many more.

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