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They say you can’t reinvent the wheel but with an unappalled focus on technology and product design, Bronson Speed Co bearings have changed the perspective of what can go inside of one.

Created out of the NHS Fun Factory (home to Independent Trucks, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Creature Skateboards and OJ’s Wheels to name a few), Bronson emerged into the skateboard market in 2016 proclaiming to be the ‘Next Generation’ in skateboarding bearings. However brave this claim may be, the attentional to detail and innovative manufacturing sets Bronson products a notch above many brands relying on the popularity of their riders rather than actually bringing something new to the table.

Bronson Speed Co bearings are available in three varieties; RAW, G2 and G3. Their RAW bearings are the brand’s premium option which proudly display the intricacies of Bronson construction, prevents dirt from clogging up the mechanism and enhances the sound of a Bronson bearing for a more visceral noise when rolling. Each ball bearing itself sits inside of a durable fibreglass filled nylon cage, which is resistant to wear, and coated in a micro-thin tungsten dry lubricant to minimise friction and maximise speed.

The G3 model spins the format of a traditional shielded bearing by facing the bearing cage outwards to reduce contact between the rubber shield and cage for a better quality spin. Lubricated using oil blended with a nano-ceramic compounds prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation setting in. Finally, the G2 is Bronson’s price point option guaranteed to save you money without sacrificing on quality with easy to remove and re-install rubber shields allowing you to maintain the bearings as you see fit.

It’s safe to say Bronson Speed Co aren’t resting on the laurels of their team but with a heavy line-up including Ben Reamers, Daniel Lutheran, David Gravette, Erick Winkokski, Ishod Wair, Kader Sylla, Leo Romero Nora Vasconcellos and many more – they might be forgiven for doing so…

Bronson Speed Co - G3 Skateboard Bearings

Bronson Speed Co - G3 Skateboard Bearings

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