Bones Wheels

What originally began as an offshoot of Powell-Peralta in 1977, Bones Wheels has been at the forefront of progression in urethane production for over three decades and here you can find a variety of their skateboard wheels, suitable for any type of skateboarding, at Division 24 Skate Store.

Bones Wheels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, marked V1 through to V5 and P1 through to P5, which covers everything from your standard pill-shaped wheel, to conical and radial options alongside tapered variations of both. You’re further spoilt for choice thanks to Bones’ distinguishable urethane formulas.

The SPF (Skatepark Formula) wheel was introduced in 2001 and has been a firm favourite of transition skaters since. Coming in at a 84B (104A) durometer, SPFs provide excellent grip for ramp skating without sacrificing the ability to slide. In 2005, Bones released a street equivalent with their STF (Street Tech Formula) wheels. With a durometer of 83B (103A), the STF retains the brand’s iconic hardness while providing a little more grip for a premium street performance wheel.

Skateboard wheels are measured by durometer which indicates how hard or soft a wheel is. Unlike most companies who use an ‘A Scale’ to determine this factor, Bones Wheels utilise a B-Scale which reads twenty points lower than the A Scale - allowing for a truer reading of wheel performance. Although renowned for being some of the hardest and flatspot resistant urethane on the market, Bones offer an ATF (All Terrain Formula) wheel which provides a much softer option than the majority of their products and are ideal for those keen to tackle rough terrain or gain even more traction when skating transition.

Alongside their reputation for wheel production, Bones produce some of the most acclaimed bearings on the market with their iconic Reds. In recent years, the company have also introduced Hardcore bushings and with soft, medium and hard durometers available, these are an excellent choice to fine-tune your undercarriage.

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