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Blind Skateboards

Blind was one of the first companies to rise in the late 1980s/early 1990s as professional skateboarders broke off from their larger sponsors in favour of more tight knit and underground brands. Considering today’s landscape, especially the re-emergence of the ‘small brand’ over the last decade, their influence on modern skateboarding can’t be overlooked. Here can you browse through a selection of skateboard decks, complete set-ups, heritage re-issues and more from Blind Skateboards at Division 24 Skate Store.

Founded in 1989 by street skating pioneer Mark Gonzales, Blind was formed under Steve Rocco’s infamous World Industries camp. During World Industries’ heyday, the outfit was notorious for taking jabs at the skateboard industry with the brand’s own name chosen as a jab at Gonz’s former sponsor, Vision. Rudy Johnson and Jason Lee were also part of the initial line up and Blind quickly began to send shockwaves through the skateboarding industry. Particularly after biting back at George Powell, of Powell Peralta, with the inconic ‘Dear George’ advert featuring featuring Gonz, Johnson and Lee holding their latest pro model decks - rip offs of classic Powell graphics. This could be considered the earliest instance of a skateboard company appropriating the imagery another which has become just as prevalent in recent years if you needed further proof of a single brand’s ongoing impact on skateboarding culture.

In 1991, Blind Skateboards debuted ‘Video Days’ featuring Gonz, Johnson, Lee, Jordan Ritcher and a pint-sized Guy Mariano. Directed by Spike Jonze, ‘Video Days’ is often viewed as the most influential skateboarding video of all time which paved the way for trick progression over the ensuing decades.


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