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Long before the current resurgence of East Coast skateboarding, gritty spots and brands operating outside of the Californian epicentre of the American skateboarding industry – there was 5Boro NYC.

5Boro was founded in 1996 by Steve Rodrigues and Mark Nardelli during a time when the East Coast was placed under skateboarding’s spotlight thanks to filmers like RB Umali and particularly Dan Wolfe’s ‘Eastern Exposure’ series of videos. It’s only fitting that a brand whose name is taken from the five boroughs of the big apple (Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island) has come to epitomise New York City skateboarding.

Despite being based in the big apple, 5Boro has reeled in talent from all over the world whose approach lends perfectly to grittier nature of New York. East Coast household names like Brandon Westgate and Aaron Suski were early riders and 5Boro has even hooked up two UK legends in the form of Lost Art bossman David Mackey and John ‘The Wolfman’ Dalton in the early 2000s. 5Boro’s current team includes Silvester Eduardo, Willy Akers, Danny Falla, Jimmy McDonald and Jordan Trahan whose part in their latest video ‘5BNY’ is mandatory viewing.

With stripped back to editing coupled with black and white footage and the odd touch of jazz, 5Boro NYC presents a true depiction of cruising through the city that never sleeps and their board graphics constantly pay homage to the city which the brand calls home. Whether it’s a staple pieces like the sliced up snake adorning the ‘Join or Die’ deck and the reworked guadalupe of the ‘Cinco Barrios’ board, the 5Boro NYC VHS series, ‘Airline’ series by Stefan Marx or the many recent runs of graphics by Brooklyn based artist Dan Funderburg – a 5Boro board is equally deserving of a place under your feet or hanging on your wall.


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