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An-Act-of-Imagination-Book-By-Scott-Hobbs-Bourne-And-Todd-Bratrud An-Act-of-Imagination-Book-By-Scott-Hobbs-Bourne-And-Todd-Bratrud-A

An Act of Imagination - Book - By Scott Hobbs Bourne And Todd Bratrud

An Act of Imagination is a collection of poems that tap into the wonders of childhood, taking everyday events and characters and infusing them with imaginative invention and contemporary moral questions.


Meet Bukowski the bookworm, who because of digital books, finds himself homeless or Oscar the bee who makes the sweetest honey from poetry. There's an outlaw pickle with a mask riding sidesaddle on a giraffe, a lion with a mane like Medusa, a whale with two tales, another with wings and the Dontknowsians who don't know a thing. There's Dizzy the unicorn who has a trumpet for a horn. A bus full of zombies, a pink pickle princess, and many, many more serious stories of silliness. They're hiding inside, just open the book, I am daring you, come in, have a look !


  • Hardcover - 19 x 24 cm, 162 pages.